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Step 1: Package Details And Options

Service Package
Our simplest offering created for families who only want cremation. This package does not include a service or an urn. All of the basic services that apply to all of our packages are included: basic services of funeral directors and staff, sanitary care, transfer into our care, and the cremation process.

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Memorial Service or Gathering in Our Chapel or At Your Church $495
Gathering for a final remembrance of a loved one is an important step in the grieving process. Our chapel at Muehlebach Funeral Home is available to families for a memorial service or gathering of family and friends. If you wish to have the service at your church or place of worship, this charge includes our staff for directing and planning the memorial service, contacting and coordinating clergy and/or musicians, and transporting our staff and equipment to the location where the service is being held, (must be within our service area).

Graveside Service $570
The Assurance Cremation Society is able to coordinate committal services at any cemetery. This charge includes coordinating the service and transportation for our staff and equipment to any cemetery within our service area. We are also able to make provisions for clergy and/or musicians to be present.

Weekend or Holiday Service $300
This charge is for use of our facilities or staff for a memorial service, committal, private family visitation, or family witnessed cremation held on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday. This charge does not apply for transferring your loved one into our care on a weekend or holiday.

Private Family Visitation $150
This service allows the immediate family members to view their loved one in one of our chapels for up to one hour. An upgraded container is required for this service.

Witnessed Cremation At Our Crematory $150
Many families choose the Assurance Cremation Society for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their loved one will never leave our care. This fee includes scheduling a mutually agreed upon time for family members to witness the cremation process. An upgraded container is required for this service.

Obituary Composition and Submission Fee $100
This includes our administrative fee for composing and submitting an obituary notice to up to two newspapers. All obituaries will automatically be added to our website and will appear on, the country's largest obituary website,, and on the website of the respective newspaper if applicable. For submission to more than two newspapers, an additional $25 fee will apply. This does not include any cost of publication charged by a newspaper.
Final Disposition
Return Cremated Remains
We will release cremated remains to the designated individual on the cremation authorization only. Any changes to the recipient of the cremated remains must be acknowledged in writing by all parties on the cremation authorization. We are available at Assurance Cremation Society during normal business hours Monday through Friday and at Muehlebach Funeral Home by appointment for you to receive the urn.

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Mail Cremated Remains $75
This charge is for our service of carefully packaging and shipping cremated remains through the United States Postal Service Registered Mail. Registered Mail ensures that your loved one's urn will only be transferred by hand-to-hand methods and provides the highest security that the postal service offers.


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Death Certificates
Number of death certificates: $15/each

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