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Scattering and Biodegradable Urns

Scattering Urns are designed to meet the needs of a unique and personal ceremony. They are lightweight, easy to open, and effortless to hold and use. Some scattering urns are biodegradable and are constructed of unbleached, pressed cotton and include a biodegradable bag to hold the cremated remains until the time of ceremony. They are designed for water scattering but may be used for traditional earth burial in accordance with local ordinances and cemetery provisions.

Biodegradable Natural Salt Urn
Natural Earth
Tribute Scattering Urn
Biodegradable Natural Salt Urn - $190
Biodegradable Full Size Urn

Natural Earth - $140
Biodegradable Full Size Urn

Tribute Scattering Urn - $85
Woodgrain finish w/ Slide Top

Memory chest/Scattering Urn
Memory chest/Scattering Urn - $90
oak or cherry finish

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